Introducing HpH

HpH Technology is the new biological hydrolysis technology brought to you by the experts at Anglian Water.

Responsible for processing around 150,000 tonnes of dry solid sewage sludge per annum, Anglian Water identified an opportunity to develop a new hydrolysis technology that could maximise a plant’s biogas production even further than existing anaerobic digestion technology – to reduce not only operating costs but also the plant’s carbon footprint.

The result, HpH Technology, is now installed across four Anglian Water sludge treatment centres. Results to date have produced an average of over 1 MWH/TDS of renewable electricity from the biogas produced via its fleet of CHP engines – while producing a high-quality enhanced treated biosolids product for use in agriculture as a soil conditioner.

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Watch to see how HpH Technology works:

Watch to hear how HpH Technology works:

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